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  • We Pranic healing foundation offer courses in Pranic healing and Arhatic Yoga in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. We are affiliated to World Pranic Healing foundation, India (WPHF)
    and to Insitute of Inner Studies-Manila, Phillipines.

MAsterDid I say something

Practice diligently, Continue to purify yourself and Spread the teachings

The Spiritual path is more complicated than Amazon. The Guru has already been through the forest. Follow the guidance of the Teacher to avoid getting hurt.”

Truth can be painful. Humility comes from an accurate perception of what you are! You must know your strengths and weaknesses, your virtues and vices.

“Mental and Emotional Effort means finding the ways and means of overcoming a problem. Be calm and continue pushing ahead.”

“Courage is the difference between Success and Failure. You must have this Attitude. This is the right thing to do, so let us do it.”

High Court Notice on improper activities of certain Pranic Healing Foundations. Click Here to Download
Basic Pranic Healing Course at PHF (A.P). Every Second Saturday and Sunday.
For details: Call: 9440067010